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A Design Studio that specializes in brand identity design and web design.

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A Design Studio that specializes in brand identity design and web design.

Design Matters

I wholeheartedly believe in the power of good design—that’s why I started a design studio.

Design, whether good or bad, has consequences in our everyday life. It’s everywhere and in everything. The problem is, most things are not designed with intention or as Brian Reed says, “Everything is designed. Few things are designed well.”

My goal is to change that. 

I’m MacKenzie

I am an absolute sucker for plants and photos of plants—really anything to do with plants.

I always loved creating, curating and the value of aesthetic and design. This originally started with a point and shoot camera in middle school—always trying to capture, create, and curate. My love and appreciation of design only grew as I got older. Now, here I am, helping small business owners communicate their passions and crafts through strategic design.



    "Mackenzie exceeded our expectations while delivering measurable results for our non-profit and small budget needs in a smooth and timely manner. She understood our audience and was able to articulate beyond our own thoughts."

    Naomi Naylor

    "She took our branding from plain to powerful almost overnight. MacKenzie captured the essence of Greystone Academy and gave us imagery that reflects who we are and where we want to go.  Her work is efficient and professional, turn around time is fast, and the quality is excellent."

    Christine Mooradian
    Head of School

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Why the Fox?

In most well-known fables and folklore, the foxes have gotten a bad rap.

Foxes are incredible creatures that are not only strategic and clever but they are adaptable. They are in-tune with their environment—so much so that they use Earth’s magnetic field to attack their prey. They are focused, patient, and attentive to the smallest details to maintain their survival. As a business owner myself, I realized these are the traits are absolutely essential for success and the success of my clients. Adaptation, strategy, and understanding your surroundings and environment are what separates the successful businesses from those that aren’t.


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