About Me

My name is MacKenzie. I’m the owner of Stilltz Design along with my husband, Dustin who helps behind the scenes. The origin seed of Stilltz Design was sown in August of 2016 and the business was launched in January 2017. This is still pretty amazing. I never saw myself as a business owner—it always looked like far more work than a regular 9-5, and yet I’ve never been happy at a 9-5’s despite the experience I may have gained there.

As an employee for other small businesses, I honed new skills in graphic and web design, marketing, and branding businesses. I grew to realize that this is something that so many businesses desperately need and I want to help them succeed without any barriers of bad design in their way.

Since the launch of my business and many sleepless nights, I now know why people begin their own businesses. It’s because they love what they do and it makes the long hours completely worth it. 

Let’s Work Together!

Have a question? Want to set up a meeting in person or on the phone? Let’s talk about your project or your business in general. I’d love to hear about it.