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Caitlin Jane Calligraphy

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About Caitlin Jane Calligraphy

Modern, simple, and classic pieces with an emphasis on exceptional customer service.

Target Market

The modern brides in their 30’s who are well educated, pursuing their dream job, madly in love with their fiance and want a gorgeous, unforgettable wedding. They appreciate quality and the small details and their style is simple, classic and timeless.

Client’s Tone Aimed to Achieve:


  • Modern, simple, neutral, elegant

  • Quality, authentic, attention to detail, reliable

  • Classic, timeless, traditional

Rationale for the Brand Identity

The bones of Caitlin Jane Calligraphy was already there and it was good. The layout of the logo was clean, minimal and professional and the colors used in things like the Instagram account were headed in the right direction. The main goal here was to refine and strengthen what was already there.

The Logo: The basic concept of the logo is the same but I wanted to change the hierarchy and emphasize the difference between the first and second line more obvious and therefore, more readable. The logo is clean, modern with a simple sans serif font as well as really interesting because of the treatment of the four A’s. In the end—I feel like this logo achieves the elegant and classy, but still unique experience we were aiming for.

CJC_Brand Identity-04
CJC Letterpress
The Website

This website is so bright, clean, modern, exciting. If I was looking for a calligrapher for my wedding—I would so hire her because of her website. It stands out from the others in her industry and really highlights what makes her unique.

Caitlin Jane Calligraphy Website Mockup