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Greystone Academy  

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About the Organization

Greystone Acadamy is a unique hybrid school offering the flexibility of homeschooling with the benefits of a private school.

They focus on a more traditional and classic style of education—one that based on the Socratic method. Students sit in circles rather than rows at Greystone Acadamy because of the emphasis on community and conversation.

Target Market
  • Community for home-schooled students
  • An inclusive atmosphere where students of all learning styles and levels are welcome
  • An adaptive classroom that accommodates the accelerated learners as well
Inspiration/Mood Board

These are the images that helped guide the brand as it developed which act as an anchor both in mood, style, tone, and values.

Greystone Academy Style Guide New New
The Logo & Brand Identity

The original concept of the logo was a fountain pen which paints a picture of Greystone’s most essential values: care, refinement, grace, and intentionality. 

Since the logo is a fountain pen with ink, I thought it was only fitting for the pattern to echo those ideas so I chose an ink blot/splatter. This pattern gives a feeling of age and maturity while also being modern enough to use primarily via web devices.

Furthermore, I chose two serif typefaces that are classic, traditional and really speak to who Greystone is as an organization.

Below are some print and other marketing materials I designed.

  • Greystone Academy Brochure Mockup Outside
  • Greystone Academy Brochure Mockup Inside
  • Greystone-Hoodie-MockUp-Light-Grey
The Website

Just like their logo, their website needed to be more relevant in today’s society—less detail, cleaner lines and more professional.