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Izzy’s Herb Store

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About Izzy’s

Izzy’s Herb Store is a woman and family owned operation that seeks to be an alternative to an over saturated pharmaceutical society. Eventually, the ultimate goal is to provide meaningful employment to workers with autism and other medical challenges as well as move to a full brick and mortar store.

Target Market
  • Millennials
  • People with health problems
  • Those who may not have considered herbs as a viable medical treatment before
Behind the Logo Design

The new logo communicates “confident, cutting edge, sexy, luxurious and high-end” while also approachable through the use of curves, florals, and color. The floral element speaks to what Izzy’s is and what they do while also adding to the luxurious and sophisticated feel. 

I also relied on the use of color to communicate the comfort and approachability of the brand. I played around with different colors like mauve and green and felt that a soft blue communicated comfort more-so than anything else. 

Overall it was really important that the logo could be versatile and flexible. As you can see below, the logo can be enhanced with the use of the floral element in the background or it can simply stand on its own as the typography alone. It can also work on top of shapes in the case that it is used on labels that can be both circular and rectangular. 

Main Logo with Floral

IHS Logos_Blue Floral SC

Alt Logo in Circle

IHS Logos_Blue Circle SC
Izzy's Herb Store Tag Mockup
Izzy's Herb Store Letterhead Mockup
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Izzy's Herb Store White Bag Mockup
Izzy's Herb Store Flag Mockup