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About the Company

Podcents is a review and discussion podcast that helps people navigate the podcast world. It is fast-paced and lighthearted—intended to be informative and poignant. 

Target Market
  • Podcast listeners and makers alike.
  • People who want to listen to podcasts but don’t have enough time to try them all out to decide which ones they want to listen to.
Behind the Logo and the Brand Identity

I created the brand identity for Podcents with the medium in mind. It will mostly be seen through the iTunes app and their website. I wanted it to stand out among all the other podcasts out there and be engaging but also represent the creators behind this gig appropriately. These are two guys with a varied set of interests, including art, music, learning, and podcasts of course.

The logo which is also the cover art to the podcast is a two coins or pennies with silhouettes of the two makers—echoing Abraham Lincoln. The title Podcents was intended to be like the phrase “two cents” because that is what they are doing—giving their two cents about all these different podcasts.

The Colors

I loved working on this project because of the creativity allowed. The podcast world has no limits and the bolder you are the more attractive you will be to those searching for podcasts. I channeled the 60’s and 70’s for the art because of how fun and bold and colorful those times were.

The Website

Just like their logo, their website needed to fun, bold and colorful. Check it out down below!

Podcents Website