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Scott Kent Jones 

| Brand Identity Design & Website Design |

About Scott

Scott is a podcast host, producer, consultant, and creator. He has a unique and engaging style that captivates his audience. What makes him a great podcast personality and interviewer is his balance of knowledge and empathy. 

Target Market
  • Intellectuals of all ages
  • Empathetic and more artistic people that value relationships
Behind the Logo and the Brand Identity

For Scott’s logo, I wanted to create something that reflects his personality of being both serious and fun. The content that Scott deals with on a daily basis is important—it gets to the heart of humanity, yet he is a lively, fun and engaging personality. Using a serif font that has high contrast from the thick and thin points brings out the elegance and importance of Scott’s work yet the fact that the letters on not aligned tells you that he is fun and vibrant—he doesn’t fit into the mold at all. When people see this logo, they will be able to get an idea of who Scott is subconsciously before they ever meet him or listen to his podcasts.

Brand Style Guide-01
The Podcast Covers

The main goal in creating these podcast covers were to fit in but stand out from the crowd in the iTunes store and draw attention to want to click and find out more. Scott is a part of four podcasts that needed custom cover designs which I have shown below. 

Podcast Cover Art_Show Notes Beige
Podcast Cover Art_G&T Soundwaves Blue
Podcast Cover Art_Synaxis Beige
Podcast Cover Art_NPW Pink
The Website

I had a lot of fun with this website. It was meant to be a fun and engaging landing point and hopefully drive people to donate and support Scott’s podcasting endeavours. 

SKJ Websites Mockup