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About Storied Celebrations

Storied Celebrations crafts unique and meaningful wedding ceremonies using the power of storytelling to capture their clients unique and distinct journey together and deliver dynamic ceremonies.

Target Market
  • Millenials and people from around 25-40 years old
  • Untraditional, stylish, whimsical, and offbeat (hippy) bride. Appealing to men as well.
Behind the Logo Design

I wanted to create a logo that’s elegant, whimsical, romantic and stylish which was mainly achieved through the use of typography and soft natural elements. With a name like “Storied Celebrations”, I am immediately drawn to the first page of a fairy tale and a whimsical and ornate drop cap that draws you right into the story. I wanted to echo that drop cap in a professional and attractive way for the average adult who is about to get married while still tug at their heartstrings and remind them of the hope, optimism, and wonder that we had as kids (and still do) reading fairytales.

The typography is a mix of elegance, traditional (text of “Storied Celebrations”) and slightly un-traditional and a more modern sans-serif (the text underneath). The teal-turquoise-green colors also bring in fresh, playful and bright elements to the brand. I wanted to stay away from colors that could be considered too feminine, like pinks because it was important that the logo could appeal to all kinds of couples—not just the brides in a heterosexual relationship. 

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