Teakali Brand Style Guide


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About the Company

Teakali was born out of the desire to connect. To connect to those we know dearly, and to connect with those we do not yet know.  From masala chai enjoyed on the streets of Calcutta, India, to a cup of black tea sipped in a small cafe in Adare, Ireland. A pot of lemon tea shared in Luwero, Uganda, to a mug enjoyed on my own porch with friends and family I love dearly.  One can always take a few minutes to enjoy a cup of tea.  Anytime is a good time for tea.

Target Market
  • Those who love tea.
  • Those who care about the earth and people. (Teakali uses organic ingredients that are good for you and preserve the land and it also uses Fair Trade ingredients that support small-scale farmers.)
  • Those who want to help (1% of all sales go to community development organizations).
Behind the Logo

Kali is the name of the owner and it also means time, so the name simply reads tea time. The obvious direction for a name like this is a clock of course, but I didn’t want it to be too obvious. For those who know what the name means, they will eventually see that it’s a clock and the two leaves are the hands of the clock. They will say, “Oh, I get it!” and for those who don’t know what the name means, the logo will not be confusing or disorienting in any way. It looks like two tea leaves, which makes sense.

I loved the meaning behind this company (not to mention Kali is a good friend of mine) and I also love tea so I really enjoyed working on this project.

Teakali Brand Style Guide
The Colors 

Kali absolutely loves India so I gathered some of my color inspiration from there. India is full of color but it is also very tied to the Earth so the colors are all natural while still being vibrant. I used the colors in representing the different icons of the different tea flavors.