Terra Flora Design Associates  

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About the Company

Terra Flora Design Associates is a landscape company that puts design first. Without design our world is a mishmash of decisions rushed into hastily and apathetically. Find me a place that makes you feel special, and I’ll show you a place that was designed beautifully and built through the experience of an artist. 

Target Market
  • Upper Class folks in Bucks County, PA who understand and appreciate design first and foremost. 
  • Clients who want someone to take over and handle all phases of their outdoor project.
  • Clients who care about the details.
Behind the Logo and the Brand Identity

Terra Flora already had a pineapple in their previous logo, but it was formatted in a busy and dated way. It did not set them apart from their competition. I kept the pineapple and simplified the lines and the overall layout. I chose a classic and traditional serif font paired with a clean, lightweight and modern sans serif.

The idea behind the pineapple is one I love: “It’s the international sign of welcome, and it speaks to what we do—create a welcome space, that invites you in and makes you want to stay.” — John Brunnet, Owner of Terra Flora

Terra Flora Style Guide
The Colors

I did not want to go with green even though it is the color most landscape companies choose for obvious reasons. Terra Flora’s heart is definitely in plants, but they also work with masonry materials and wood as well. The grey colors I chose not only resembled some of the finer bluestone materials they work with, but they look classier and more refined than a plant color green. 

Below are some print and editorial designs I did.

  • Landscape Design Postcard Mock-Up
  • Landscape Design Magazine Advertisement Mock-Up
  • Landscape Design Banner Mock-Up
The Website

Just like their logo, their website needed to be more relevant in today’s society. Less detail, cleaner lines and more professional.